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Storage Tips

Leave a small space between the wall and your storage items to allow for ventilation.

Do not lean items against walls as to leave air space around the unit's perimeter to aid ventilation.

Laying plastic sheeting on the floor and stacking boxes on top of wooden pallets can prevent condensation damage.

Pack your boxes and other items as close together as possible to avoid moisture accumulating between them.

Midvale Park RV & Self Storage Refill Station

Propane Tank RefillsOur Midvale Self Storage location offers convenient propane refills for all types of tanks sizes:

• RVs

• Campers

• Barbecues

• Vehicles powered by propane

• And more

We offer competitive propane prices by the gallon, seven days a week at Midvale Park RV & Self Storage of Tucson.

Propane RefillsRefill your propane tank and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

Refilling your tank is the smart, economical alternative. When you exchange your propane tank, you don't get credit for any propane left in the tank. When you let our certified professionals at Midvale Park RV & Self Storage refill your propane tank, you pay for only the propane you need.

Propane Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m - 5:30 p.m

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Current Propane Price:

$3.49 per gallon

(520) 573-6164

Midvale Park RV & Self Storage
6565 S. Headley Road
Tucson, Arizona 85746


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